Corset Photo Galleries

All corsets in these galleries, except as noted, were created by Mary.

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Red Corset at Desire resort

Gray pinstripe corset on "Carl night"

Red corset around the house

Pink corset, lakeside

Pink over the bust corset from Meschantes

Red snowflake corset in the studio

Red snowflake corset in the kitchen

Black waist cincher-Outside

Corset composites

White Bridal corset-II

Purple & black high backed corset-II

Green & gold brocade corset-II

 Blue & green Vixen corset-II by Meschantes

  Some more pics of the Dita Birthday corset from Versatile Fashions

Purple high back corset-outside shots

Light blue brocade waist cincher

  Red waist cincher-II

  Gray pinstripe Baroness corset from Versatile Fashions

Purple and black high back corset

Purple high-back corset

New pics of the pink brocade halter corset

White corset with white boa

  Blue & green Vixen high back corset by Meschantes   

   Mary's custom blue and black Dita style birthday corset, by  Versatile Fashions

  Black brocade corset

  The first corset Mary made, in pink brocade

  Red waist cincher

  Green and gold brocade corset

  Pink brocade corset

  White bridal corset

  Gold brocade waist cincher